Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas

In my experience an awful lot of irish bathrooms are very small. So we all know that small bathroom layouts can be a challenging. How to make the best use of this small space? How can we get the max out of our small bathroom?

Check out my top tips and small bathroom design ideas. These are taken from small bathrooms that really work.

1. Choice of Tiles

Choice of tiles as always depends on the size of the room and also the amount of light the room gets. Try neutral tiles, white, very pale grey or cream. Perhaps with one strong wall or border. Often we use white tiles with 2 50mm vertical strips of mosaic. The mosaic can bring a splash of colour and interest without overwhelming the bathroom. The splash of colour lifts the neutral tiles. You could also try a single decor wall which will certainly make a statement. Avoid dark walls.

2. Mirror

We all know a mirror can really enlarge a space and will flood the space with light. For a narrow bathroom add a large mirror on the long wall. Probably from the top of the wash hand basin or vanity up to the ceiling. 

3. Replace the bath with a shower

Removing the bath will have a dramatic effect of opening up the bathroom. How many of us take a regular bath anyway? Most people use the shower over the bath.

With this in mind we can do one or two more things. We can have a single glass panel instead of an enclosed shower. This will certainly make the bathroom more airy. Remember that we can fit a glass panel over a tray. We don’t need to go through the expense of a wetroom.

But if you really wish to maximise the space a wetroom is a perfect solution. The wetroom will maximise the floor area. The flooring can continue right into the shower.


4. Other Tricks To Maximise Floor Area

The less obstacles we have in the bathroom the more open the bathroom will feel. With this in mind the choice of the furniture and equipment is very important. If possible consider wall mounted vanity units, wash hand basins and wall mounted toilets. Be careful with the design of the ceramics. Some are very bulky others slim and elegant. Also consider small projection toilets which take up less space.

5. Think Minimalist!

If the bathroom is small keep the cabinet space to a minimum. Don’t overload a tiny bathroom with storage space. Be ruthless.

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I hope you found our small bathroom design ideas useful.

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