Instant Showers! Explain






What is an instant shower?

Confused about which shower to install in your bathroom? Know the difference from one shower to another?

In this post we try to simply explain how an instant shower operates. As simply as possible.

Instant Shower

Also known as an electric shower. You only heat the water you use. Like a kettle of water. 

This shower is very popular in Ireland and in many household bathrooms. It’s the most energy efficient shower you can have as there is no water wasted or stored. You don’t have to wait for water to heat. It heats instantly. The cost per shower is therefore very low. Great for high usage. If you have a number of teens in your house this is the shower you need.

The shower experience is adequate but not fantastic. Simply because every drop of water is heated as required. For you to have a very powerful shower imagine the amount of kettles boiling at the same time!

At the same time you cannot fault it. It’s a great shower.

Technical Considerations.

To install this shower in my bathroom what do I need to consider?

Cold Water feed. I need a 1/2 inch pipe running from the water tank in the attic. With a gate valve to isolate it. The shower should have it’s own feed. Don’t tap off a another cold feed. 

Electricity. I need a large cable running straight back directly to the incoming mains. I won’t get to technical. The cable has to be large as you are heating 4 kettles of water at the same time. For safety a double pole switch in the bathroom isolates both neutral and Live. 

I hope you find this information useful. Of course if you would like any further information don’t hesitate to [contact us.]

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