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 New Bathroom Guide

With the economy moving ahead there are a lot more people upgrading their homes. One of the most expensive rooms to upgrade is of course the bathroom, tiny as it is.
Since the space is quite small it is all the more important to ensure the layout is optimal. A bit of thought about the space can often significantly improve it’s design.

With a bit of preparation beforehand designing a new bathroom is not too difficult. As long as you keep in mind some commonsense layout rules. Overall I would advise to keep the layout simple and practical. Don’t change the layout just because your bored with the old one. Below I highlight some of the most important aspects to keep in mind before shopping for a new bathroom.

Don’t hesitate to call reputable companies who will be glad to send out a representative who can guide you on the redesign of your new bathroom. Companies like O’Connor Carroll can give you a full written quotation for the works. Contact us today for a full quotation or visit our contacts page for full details and location map.


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 In no particular order here is my hit list of items that I would consider for my new bathroom. Some may be applicable others not.

Bathroom layout

  • I’m restricted by the waste pipework. Always keep in mind the pipework as the pipework will decide your bathroom layout.  
  • Toilet position. The toilet should be kept as close as possible to the soil pipe. Normally on the window wall or outside wall. I would be reluctant to move the toilet too far from the soil pipe. If the toilet really has to be moved consider modifying the soil pipe on the outside of the bathroom. Avoid boxing in the bathroom where possible.
  • Move a partition to enlarge the bathroom. Often a great idea. Even as little as 400mm can make a huge difference to the size of the bathroom. At the same time 400mm may not impact the adjoining bedroom.
  • Change door swing. Switch the hinges to the other side of the the door frame to change the the opening of the door
  • Take out the bath. Don’t be afraid, the price of your house won’t crash. The truth is that most people don’t use their baths too often and removing the bath will create space.
  • Incorporate a large shower cubicle. If you do remove the bath ensure you install a large shower cubicle as there is nothing worse than showering in a tiny cubicle. But make sure the cubicle doesn’t dominate the space. Get the balance right.
  • Insulation. While changing your bathroom use the occasion to insulate it. It goes without saying that the roofspace should already be well insulated but often this is not the case.

New bathroom tall radiator.

Bathroom Equipment

  • Wall hung vanity unit. Only possible if the pipework goes into the wall. If the pipework goes through the floor use a floor standing vanity unit. 
  • Age profile of client. If you are in your fifties consider removing the bath as over the next 10 years you may not want to climb over a bath to have a shower.
  • Small kids will require bath.
  • Types of bath. I am not a big fan of 1500mm baths. Other than for children I think they are too small. Even less of a fan of corner baths.  They are always too small. Whirlpool baths are rarely used if ever.
  • Toilets Back to wall or wall mounted for space saving and easy cleaning. Consider also fully shrouded which hides all pipework.
  • Extract fan. Two options. 1. link the fan to the light. 2. Run a separate switch beside the light switch. Nowadays I think the best plan is to link the extract fan to the light. But with run-on so it will run for several minutes afterwards. Otherwise people just forget and leave them on. They tend to remember to switch off the light.
  • uPVC ceiling. Low maintenance. They seem to be very popular at the moment. Since we have them in our new showroom many of our customers are opting for them. They can easily be wiped down. So there is no build up of mold or condensation.
  • Recessed lights. Always a popular choice. Helps create an ambiance for a very elegant bathroom.

Also Consider

  • Comfort height toilet. We seem to sell more and more of these. Most toilet ranges now have a comfort height version. Obviously easier to get up from if your very tall or have a bad back. For myself as a tall person I’ve always believed the standard height of a toilet is very low. 
  • To tile or not to tile. Clearly an aesthetic decision for the most part. Whether you tile the bathroom or not decides the look and feel of the bathroom. But from a practical point of view tiles are low maintenance. The bathroom is very easy to keep clean.
  • Heating. Ladder rails are always very popular. But there are a really good selection of designer radiators very suitable for bathrooms. The general rule is tall and narrow. This means they are space saving. Saving space is very important in a small bathroom space. 
  • Bath or Shower. If the bathroom is small, it is normally a choice of bath or shower. A shower-bath is another option which combines the two.
  • Storage. Vanity units with draws or doors. Stand alone units are another option with small or tall options.
  • Types of lighting Recessed lights are popular. We also have a great choice of bathroom standard ceiling lights. Note that any ceiling light should be properly rated for the bathroom. 

And Finally

  • Recessed shelving. I thought I’d include this as I am asked about it almost every single day. You can’t fit a recessed shelf in a standard wall so consequently a new partition needs to be built. Therefore only possible if the occasion presents itself. Such as a new partition for a shower cubicle. But when possible they work fantastically and look great. 
  • Porcelain or ceramic. Your new bathroom will look great with both. One of my bathrooms has porcelain the other ceramic. Porcelain is obviously stronger and more durable. But in a family home a ceramic will give long life. If the ceramic is of good quality there should be no problem. The key thing of course is that the bathroom has been built properly.
  • Get a Early Quotation. Always advised. A good bathroom professional will immediately tell you the best layout options. He can suggest moving a partition which can have dramatic effect on your bathroom. He will suggest things you may not have thought of. So even if you are going to tackle the job yourself I suggest getting a bathroom quotation. It’s free.
  • Teenage kids. Type of shower unit. How many people will be taking a shower? Do the parents have their own ensuite? In our house the power shower is installed in the ensuite. The instant electric is installed in the main bathroom. If there are a number of teenagers they can use the instant shower for as long as they want. They won’t be using any of the hot water. If you opt for a power shower in your bathroom remember that you are restricted by the amount of hot water that you have in your cylinder tank.

New Bathroom Cabinets


Bathroom Design

  • Deciding the style of your new bathroom will be one of the main influences in the overall design.
  • Will you opt for a classical or a modern look. The then helps you decide on the tiling and the furniture.
  • Try also keep the bathroom sympathethic with the rest of the house.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing your new bathroom. Don’t hesitate to come along and visit us at O’Connor Carroll. We have long history in bathroom renovation and are happy to share our knowledge. If your going to tackle the job yourself we can answer any questions you have otherwise consider getting a quotation and let us take care of your bathroom from start to finish.