Choosing an Understairs Toilet?

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Understairs Toilet

In this short post I have 2 top tips to keep in mind for renovating an understairs toilet.

Two problems.

  1. The space is very small. The toilet can very very cramped.
  2. The waste pipe in the floor is in the wrong position.



Short Projection Toilets

(This means the depth of the toilet is shorter) 

Choose carefully the toilet for under the stairs. Up to recent years most toilets had a depth of approx. 700mm. Nowadays the depth is in general much shorter. Builders are always trying to make bathrooms as small as possible. But depths still vary greatly depending on the style and design of the toilet. My advice is to choose a toilet with a short projection. A quick scan of my brochures and I can see that many toilets have a depth of 600mm. One even has a depth of only 595mm. When space is at a premium 100mm can make a huge difference. So be aware of the depth of toilet that you install!

Multi Outlet Toilets

Multi outlet toilets solve a common problem for many Irish houses. In many houses with a groundfloor bathroom or WC, the old clay soil pipe is often in the wrong position. The pipe is often to far from the wall. This can be annoying. It means I can’t use a closed coupled toilet as the whole assembly will stick out from the wall. So I must revert to a traditional separate pan and cistern type toilet (a low level toilet). Of course I can dig out the floor but that is a big job.

The Solution. A multi outlet toilet. A multi outlet toilet has the waste outlet in a different position to standard toilets. This is very important. It allows for when the hole in the floor for the waste is further out from the wall. So I can the connect the toilet to the waste as normal without reverting to an old style type toilet. 

I can install a modern designer toilet without major renovation works. Normally they are fully shrouded so the waste will be hidden. An excellent idea. Something a lot of people still don’t know about.


In these posts I try to answer questions that we are frequently asked at O’Connor Carroll.

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