Better Bathroom Tips

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Key Elements To Consider For A Successful Bathroom

Follow my 10 bathroom tips to keep in mind for a successfully built bathroom

  1. Consider removal of bath and replace with a large shower. Most people who buy a bathroom are in their 40’s or 50’s. Think to the future. Most of us don’t use our bath too often. We take a shower over the bath. Why? A large shower tray is both practical and luxurious. Showering over the bath is inconvenient and dangerous once one reaches a certain age. 
  2. Proper preparation. Always completely strip out the bathroom when renovating. Never tile over tiles. Your asking for trouble. Bad preparation always results in a badly built bathroom. People think they are saving time. Prepare properly!
  3. Install a time delay extract fan. Very handy. Reduces steam. Reduces mold. It can be connected to the light. Another option is to connect it to the door. So it switches on when the door closes. The time delay means it will run on for several minutes.
  4. Insulate walls and ceiling. You only renovate your bathroom every 10 or more usually 20 years. A golden opportunity to properly insulate the bathroom. A great way to reduce mold build up.
  5. Consider a plastic ceiling. You will never have to paint again. Simply wipe clean. And easy to install.
  6. Waterproof the shower area. A must. Use a tanking system and follow the instructions.
  7. Ensure proper grounds for wall hanging equipment. Before you place your new plasterboard or tiling, decide where wall hanging equipment will go. We don’t want wash hand basins falling off the wall.
  8. 18mm water resistant plywood for the floor. Avoid a floor cracking. Or consider propriety mattings. 
  9. Tile the bath panel. If you install a bath a tiled panel always looks superior to a plastic or composite one.
  10. Never use tub adhesive in bathrooms. Always use bag adhesive. Highly water resistant. Flexible. Same goes for grouts. Make sure it’s flexible if possible.

The key thing is to plan out your job. If you tackle the bathroom yourself ensure you talk to somebody who is experienced and will point you in the right direction. Good luck with your bathroom renovation.

If you have any questions concerning bathroom renovation don’t hesitate to [contact us].  I hope our bathroom tips were of some use.