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Key Bathroom Tips To Consider For A Successful Bathroom

Follow my top bathroom tips to keep in mind for a successfully built bathroom

Whether your going to renovate your bathroom yourself or hire the professionals see my top bathroom tips below. Some are ideas for the DIY-er themselves. Others for the client in deciding how they want their bathroom built.

Note the importance of knowing exactly what you want. You need to be clear on how you want your bathroom built. You can then get like for like bathroom quotes.

Consider removal of bath and replace with a large shower

Most bathrooms are very small. Therefore usually we can’t have both a shower cubicle and a bath in the bathroom. We have to decide which we prefer. There are a few options.

  • Consider enlarging the room slightly to fit the shower in. O’Connor Carroll enlarge bathrooms quite regularly for clients. In the context of an overall bathroom renovation it needn’t be too expensive. The benefits are enormous. It transforms the bathroom space. And often it only has a small effect on the size of the bedroom.
  • Remove the bath and replace with a shower cubicle. Most of our clients are in their 40’s or 50’s. Think to the future. Most of us don’t use our bath too often. We take a shower over the bath. Why? A large shower tray is both practical and luxurious. Showering over the bath is inconvenient and dangerous once one reaches a certain age. The shower cubicle option is also very useful if one has a lot of teens in the house.
  • Young families will always opt for retaining the bath.
  • Another option is to have the best of both worlds. A shower-bath. The luxury of a bath with a more practical shower option. These baths are specifically designed to have a shower. Therefore the glass screen over bath arrangement gives a better water seal.

Proper preparation

  • One of my key bathroom tips is proper preparation. Always completely strip out the bathroom when renovating. Never tile over tiles. Your asking for trouble. Bad preparation always results in a badly built bathroom. People think they are saving time. Prepare properly! If you are renovating the bathroom yourself it can be tempting to leave as much insitu as possible. But my advice is to start again from scratch. By this we can replace plasterboard and repair walls and floors as necessary. We will then have solid and even surfaces. The quality and finish of the tiling will be better. 
  • When the bathroom has been stripped back it is then easy to reroute pipework. We wish to remove surface pipework if possible. This will reduce or eliminate any boxing in the bathroom.

Install a time delay extract fan

  • If you have problems with ventilation consider an extract fan. Very effective. Reduces steam. Reduces mold. It can be connected to the light. Another option is to connect it to the door. So it switches on when the door closes. The time delay means it will run on for several minutes.

Insulate walls and ceiling

  • Whenever you are renovating it’s always a good opportunity to improve insulation. Insulation reduces heating costs and improves the feeling of comfort in any space. In a bathroom insulation can also reduce any incidents of mold growth. Bathrooms have high amounts of steam and as soon as the steam cools it condenses. This water or wetness lies on the tiles, ceiling or walls. If there is no regular air change to dry out the surfaces, mold growth occurs. Insulation reduces cold bridging and thus reduces mold growth.

Consider a uPVC ceiling

  • uPVC ceilings have become very popular. Along with tiles they reduce bathroom maintenance. You will never have to paint again. Simply wipe clean. They are also very easy to install.

Waterproof the shower area

  • A must. Use a tanking system and follow the instructions. Avoid water coming through the ceiling 6 months after the bathroom has been built. Will also protect the walls, floors, joists and so on from water damage.

Ensure proper grounds for wall hanging equipment

  • Before you place your new plasterboard or start tiling, decide where wall hanging equipment will go. We don’t want wash hand basins falling off the wall. For example if you choose a wall hanging vanity unit ensure there is additional support in the wall. These units are quite heavy and with time they may pull tiles and plasterboard off the wall.

18mm water resistant plywood for the floor

  • The problem; One of my key bathroom tips concerns tiling the floor. The quality of construction in Irish house vary a great deal. A wooden floor will flex a good deal. It is important that the floor is suitable for the tiles. If you have chipboard on the floor I suggest you remove it. Because chipboard is not an adequate base in a bathroom. Any water and it will turn to mush.
  • The solution; Remove chipboard. Give extra support to joists to reduce excess movement. Lay new floor board. Ideally T&G of marine ply. Then lay a second board (12mm) on top at 150mm centres between screws. 
  • If the original floor is adequate lay 18mm board as a base for tiling. Again screws at 150mm centres.
  • Our suppliers advise that floor matting work just as well. We are still old school and stick to what we know works. We have very little problem with floors. 

Tile the bath panel

  • If you install a bath a tiled panel always looks superior to a plastic or composite one. If you need access there are magnetic fittings available so create a door.

Never use tub adhesive in bathrooms

  • Things are always changing in the market place. New products are coming out all the time.
  • But we always use the best brands in bagged adhesive. They also have flexible component and are very resistant to water. Same goes for grouts. Make sure it’s flexible if possible.

The key thing is to plan out your job. If you tackle the bathroom yourself ensure you talk to somebody who is experienced and will point you in the right direction. Good luck with your bathroom renovation.

If you have any questions concerning bathroom renovation don’t hesitate to [contact us].  I hope our bathroom tips were of some use.