Bathroom faqs;

If you are getting your bathroom renovated we know you must have many questions to ask so we have tried to answer many of the most common questions we are asked every day on site or in the showrooms.


For bathrooms, bathroom equipment and a large range of tiles.

Come along to our brand new bathroom and tile showroom in Glasnevin. We have a large number of displays over 2 floors.

Don’t hesitate to call us. Our staff are friendly and happy to answer any questions and give good professional advice.

To contact us  [Glasnevin], [Ballymount] just follow the links which also includes a location map.


Getting Started

Where do I start if I need a bathroom renovation?

Please call 1890 911 910 or email us at sales@oconnorcarroll.ie . Simply leave your name, number and address and a member of our team will contact you to arrange a free, no obligation quotation at a time that suits you. Alternatively pop into our bathroom showrooms for expert advice.


How long will the bathroom renovation take?

From the time of your order the bathroom renovation is normally completed within within 4 to 5 weeks. This gives ample time to finalise bathroom layouts, choose bathroom tiles and bathroom equipment. So everything will be in place when the bathroom refurbishment begins. Typically a standard bathroom renovation can take from 4 to 5 working days.


Will my bathroom renovation drag on for weeks?

No. We guarantee that once we begin we will not take our crew off site in order to start another job. In fact the crew will not leave site at all during the renovation. Any bathroom tiles or bathroom equipment or other required materials will be brought by another member of the team leaving our skilled craftsmen to concentrate on what they are best at, building bathrooms.


Explain the all-inclusive bathroom deal?

O’Connor have on offer a complete bathroom for as little as €4500. This is turn key and is a complete bathroom renovation. The deal is open and transparent. If the client stays within the deal they will not have to pay a penny more.


How do I choose sanitary ware, tiles etc?

Best is to pop into our bathroom showrooms to choose tiles, sanitary ware etc. We can also bring tile samples and brochures to the client when the bathroom design is being finalised.


Is my bathroom built to last?

All our bathrooms are built to the highest standards. We work on in a cycle of continuous improvement. We are always trying to do things better.


Convince me that my bathroom floor won’t crack.

I’ll highlight just a few of the key elements and routines that the crews go through to ensure your bathroom floor will give a long service life.

  • 18mm wbp plywood for the floor, screwed at 150mm centres. No movement and no cracking.
  • We will also assess whether the joists require reinforcement before the floor is laid. They will be reinforced if necessary.
  • Plywood will not be laid on rotten floors. If remedial work is required for the bathroom floor the client will be informed.
  • Only high quality flexible fast setting adhesive is used.
  • Only high quality fast setting grouts are used.


I want to be confident that I can enjoy a leak free shower.

Again by following some careful routines that have evolved over long years of experience we ensure that our wet areas; shower cubicles, wetrooms, showers over baths etc., are sealed properly. Here are some elements we consider.

It starts with walls and floor which must be sound or made so. Excess movement in walls must be reduced by additional support. Sometimes walls are not fixed properly into ceiling or floor joists.

  • Walls are tanked before tiling.
  • Shower trays are then sealed to the walls creating a watertight shower area even before tiling has begun.
  • Excellent quality adhesives and grouts. All bathroom adhesives and grouts are cement based and flexible. This allows for some movement without cracking. Adhesives won’t dissolve if in contact with water.
  • A final seal applied between tray and wall after tiling.
  • Attention to detail.


The necessary skills and experience in bathroom renovation.

  • All craftmen are bathroom specialists.
  • All craftmen have a great deal of experience.
  • O’ConnorCarroll trading nearly a decade specialising in bathroom renovations.
  • O’ConnorCarroll have built an impressive work history and have grown year on year.
  • O’ConnorCarroll have a strong reputation in the bathroom business.